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What does Narzuta mean?

Narzuta means pinafore / bedspread in Polish. In Dutch there is not really a word like Narzuta that can describe the feeling of Narzuta. I am Polish and I always looked for a connection with my roots, I found this through Narzuta.

Can I wash linen without shrinking?

Certainly you can! I think this is the biggest misconception about linen. All plaids are washed twice in the factory. The first time you wash linen, it does shrink, but we have already done this for you. You can easily wash the product at 40º. In fact; the more you wash it, the softer it gets!

There is a stroke in my plaid, what should I do?
The most obvious way is to remove the swab with a needle. Insert the needle through the linen fabric where the loop begins. Make sure most of the needle is through except for the needle eyelet. You squeeze the loop through the eye of the needle and then pull the needle further through it. The loop is now on the inside of the plaid. Then stretch the fabric a little and the loop will not or hardly be visible. Sometimes it can also help to wash the plaid.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs for plaids from Narzuta to the Netherlands and Belgium are always free. Return costs are for your own account.

Do you ship worldwide?

Definitly! If you are at the checkout and your country is not available for delivery please send me an e-mail:

Can I also pick up my order?

Yes, I live in Westzaan (in the Netherlands). You can pick up or return your Narzuta order yourself. Mail to to make an appointment.

Is there a physical store?

No, Narzuta does not have a physical store - only a webshop. I hope to be able to offer Narzuta at multiple physical locations in the Netherlands in the future, but this is not yet an issue.

If I want to purchase multiple plaids, is there a discount?

For an order of 3 or more plaids from Narzuta, I always want to send a suitable tailor-made quotation. I also always make a suitable offer for business orders.


When will I receive my order?

I pack all Narzuta orders myself. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I pack orders and bring them to a PostNL point. Orders are shipped within 1-3 days. You will receive a Track & Trace code when the package is registered.


Why is linen expensive?

I get this question very often. Good question too. Linen is a 100% natural product. And it is also 100% dependent on the weather. Due to the right weather conditions, the plant grows best in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. It needs enough sun, rain, wind etc to become strong enough. If the flax is pulled and rotting on the field, it is important that there is not too much wind. If there is a lot of wind, the flax can literally blow away and it will be lost. And this is only part of the process that takes about 6 months per harvest.

Can I buy a gift voucher for a friend?

Yes, in the webshop you can find Narzuta gift vouchers for any amount. In addition, I also work with Sustainable Fashion Gift Card where your SFGC can be redeemed at Narzuta.

Why is Narzuta affiliated with Sustainable Fashion Gift Card?

Because I think this initiative is fantastic. How often do you have in mind to buy a sustainable gift, but you simply do not know what. Now you can give this card as a gift and that person can find a wide range of shops online that are completely sustainable. And what I like so much; you do not just come to the site, there is a pre-screening so you really know that you are contributing to a better world.

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