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The Narzuta logo

The logo is the appearance, the business card and actually the logo is THE brand. Super important. In addition, it felt to me that as soon as the logo is final, Narzuta is also final.

I posted a call on my Instagram to ask if someone can help me design the logo. Judith (studio Jude) responded and we agreed to go through what I'm looking for. The keywords that I had in my head were; natural, sustainable, luxurious, accessible and I knew I wanted the word Narzuta written out as the logo. I showed Judith some photos of flax fields and also some examples of logos that I liked. We agreed that Judith would send me 3 proposals and also examples of house style colors.

A week later, I received the following 3 proposals in my inbox. Earlier than expected, bonus;). I needed to let it work on me for a moment. I went to the gym and when I came back I knew we had to continue with the second proposal. The flax plant (see picture below) was already incorporated into this. I never made that up myself and it adds so much value to the logo. The only thing I was still looking for was a nonchalant, handwritten font for the under text (sustainable & traceable goods). Judith said she was going to check it out and again a few days later I got 3 proposals in my inbox. And as you often hear what people say about the logo; if you see it then you know it. I had this feeling, but even better, when I saw the final logo. This was exactly how I had it in mind, but couldn't put it on paper. Its nice to experience that you can be on the same page for a number of keywords, examples and a conversation.

One additional thing about the underline font. Judith couldn't find the right font so she decided to write it herself. How cool is that? :)


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