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Narzuta x Sustainable Fashion Gift Card

Yesss, a new collaboration that makes me very happy! A while ago I called Founder Nanette and it is very nice to talk to like-minded entrepreneurs about sustainability. After the conversation I received a number of documents that I had to fill in about Narzuta. You can call this a kind of quality mark. At first you may think - why? But it made me very happy, because this showed that you cannot just join the SFGC club. Below I am going to explain more about what the SFGC is exactly and how you can redeem the card on the Narzuta website.

What is the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card?

The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card was launched April 20, 2020 and is the first fashion gift card in the world aimed at sustainability that you can redeem online and offline at brands, stores, experiences, fashion rental and vintage stores. With the SFGC you discover a world full of beautiful fashion that is good.

How does the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card work?

At online web shops you can add your unique gift card number in the check out. You then pay directly with the SFGC. At physical locations you can hand over the gift card printed out or hand over via the PDF on your phone.

Why is Narzuta affiliated with the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card?

Because I think this initiative is fantastic. How often do you have in mind to buy a sustainable gift, but you simply do not know what. Now you can give this card as a gift and that person can find a wide range of shops online that are fully sustainable. And what I already write above; you don't just come to that site, there is a pre-screening so you really know that you are contributing to a better world. Check the website for more info:

Narzuta itself also sells gift vouchers, why this collaboration?

I am very much behind the mission of SFGC. In the end, we both want to contribute to a better world with the right awareness for making the better choices. I therefore think it fits perfectly together to sell 2 types of gift vouchers - one via the Narzuta website and one via the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card shop. You can use your card at SFGC at multiple parties and the Narzuta gift voucher can only be used for the Narzuta website.

Go to for the current range of beautifully connected brands.

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