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How did Narzuta start?

Narzuta started during the Covid-19, where questions like ‘What is important in life’ and ‘How do I want to organize my life’ came up. It was like a reset from daily routine. The last years I produced several TV programs. That was a lot of fun but it felt like I was missing out a list of important things in life. I love nature, I’m an extreme animal lover, my interest are more and more in sustainability and most of all I want to spent as much time as possible with my daughter. I couldn’t combine those interests with my work as a TV Producer anymore.

At one point everything in media stopped because of Covid-19 and that’s where my mind started to open up for new things. I knew the whole business would change so this was my chance to create my own business. One night I was lying on the couch (Netflix is my best friend;)) and I saw two old blankets next to the TV and I thought; What if I can create beautiful blankets/plaids that actually fit into an interior, keeping sustainability and quality in mind. So not that fleece, cheap, not so beautiful (sorry) plaids from IKEA, but a statement in your living that you really want to show. I was getting more exiting during my search for the perfect fabric but I knew quite soon that it has be linen. For me linen is the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and sustainability.

As I deepened, I was amazed at how linen actually comes about. I realized that we don’t know how the product linen becomes linen. I started to figuring out the whole process and it was very educational. The idea for a film about the process started here as well. What I learned was something I want to tell everyone that is interested in linen. From seed to blanket. Producing, fixing and organizing were the best things I did in my old work so this was the perfect match for my new company Narzuta!

About the name Narzuta; I’m Polish and Narzuta means throw in Polish. In Dutch we don’t know a word that is similar to that so we use dekentje (blanket) or plaid in the Netherlands. A lot of possibilities, so I would suggest that we just start calling it Narzuta, for me that’s the best way to express the feeling :)

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