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Dutchgigil blog about Narzuta

When you ask me about the things I like most about our blog, interviewing inspiring people is very high on that list.

The passion of these people is super contagious and they make the world more beautiful with their ideas and brands.

Alicja from Narzuta

Today, that's why Alicja from the beautiful sustainable brand Narzuta is central!

Alicja is 32 years old and the mother of a very nice toddler. At the beginning of this year she came to sit at home and decided that was the perfect time to do something that makes her happy.

For that she really went back to basics. For example, by asking oneself the question, what do I stand for?

This inspiring lady loves nature and animals. She also thinks sustainability and knowledge are very important. Points that turned out to fit together perfectly and from which Narzuta originated.

What kind of brand is Narzuta?

A beautiful sustainable & transparent brand of the most delicious home blankets.

Alicja wants to go the extra mile for this. Because most people now know which things and materials are bad and which are better. But how are products really made? And what route does it take?

In this way, sustainability becomes transparent and understandable. Something that gives her energy to find out.

By taking people along through the entire process and being able to explain why a product has a certain price and is not delivered to your doormat from the other side of the world for 2 euros. When people realize how many people are involved in the creation of their home blanket, they are more likely to tell the story. It makes it special!

The name Narzuta is not just any name. It is Polish and means bedspread. The choice for Polish is certainly not unconscious because Alicja has Polish roots and she always looked for a connection with the country and that fell into place in this way.

It is also extra nice that the flax fibers of linen are also spun there. Did you know that linen is made from linseed? Super nice to know!

This beautiful first collection of home blankets is just the beginning. For example, Alicja wants to expand with other materials and also fully investigate those processes. In addition, she also made a short film about the entire process around linen.

In short, what an inspiring and pure woman! Someone who at first thought that nobody would find it interesting, but to turn that around and believe in her own ideas and knowledge that she has built up in the meantime.

Alicja can therefore say as an experience expert, do what feels right for you!

We can't wait to hear more from Alicja and Narzuta! And you can watch the short film via this link:

Take a look at the website and Instagram account of Narzuta for a delicious dose of inspiration.

Lots of love,


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