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9 facts about linen

1) Linen is made from the fibres of a flax plant, the same flax plant also produces linseed. Only the linseed is extracted from the oil flax plant which is tested on the omega-3 quality. The fiber flax plant is used to make linen yarn.

2) Water is the only thing the flax seed needs to grow. No chemicals or other additives are needed/used.

3) Linen plays an important role in dollar bills. The inner, also called wooden, part of the flax plant is split from the fibers after the flax has dried. The same "wooden" parts are used for chipboards, cigarette filters and paper.

4) Linen grows best in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This is due to the ideal weather conditions. The soil is relatively warm and moist, there is sufficient sun exposure and the nights are cool.

5) Linen becomes more beautiful and softer with use. And besides, linen is lint-free.

6) Linen has a cooling effect in summer and in winter it has a warming effect. Many people know linen as a breezy summer fabric, but it is certainly suitable for colder winter days!

7) Linen is one of the strongest of all plant fibers. Linen is at least 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton.

8) Linen is completely biodegradable.

9) 1 hectare of flax is +/- 900 kilos of yarn or 12500 pillow cases or 750 duvet covers or 4000 t-shirts.

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