My name is Alicja Cwikla, 32 years and I live in Westzaan. Until here the official part..


For years I worked as a freelance producer for various television programs, but with the arrival of my daughter I found it increasingly difficult to combine. For a long time, questions such as “what do I want to do later?” and “What else can I do?” in my head. Because I was forced to sit at home at the beginning of this year, I had to bring action to mind and the idea for Narzuta had arisen. 


Sustainability, good for the environment, animal welfare and time for family were my keywords for starting my company. One day, my boyfriend and I literally sat on the couch and looked around the house. We love sustainable materials. Then I saw a pile of plaids and thought; why are these often still practical things, and when visitors come over you quickly hide them behind the couch? That is how the idea arose to develop a statement home blanket that really adds something to a sustainable interior. But especially where you can tell more about.


At the moment so much is known about what is going "wrong" in the world, but as far as I am concerned, more awareness should be raised. We are less and less accepting that a product worth 2 euros has been shipped all over the world and then delivered to our home for free. I believe that when we create that awareness; tell stories of how something is made and show how many people work on it - that the consumer also wants to share this story. And by sharing the knowledge, we are gradually changing our mindset regarding sustainability.


In my opinion, the linen blankets are just the beginning. I would also like to do the same with wool or with bamboo or with real organic cotton. Because what exactly is organic cotton? In my view there is no better quality mark than seeing for myself how something is made ...