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About me


Welcome to my website. My name is Alicja, I am mother of 1 daughter – and another daughter on the way and I am engaged to Floris.


When I sat on the couch one evening and looked at my pile of plaids – I always lie under a blanket - I was surprised that almost everyone has a plaid at home, but hardly anyone knows how it is made exactly. I am a fan of buying a nice wine and finding out exactly from which winery, which grape et cetera it is made. Why does this not exist in interior I thought...


Less than a month later I was on a flax plantation in Zeeland (Netherlands) to hear all the ins and outs of flax (the basis of linen). Wow, this was really fascinating. For example, I did not know that flaxseed is the basis of linen. It was mind blowing. Why don't we learn this in school I thought! Linen/flax is a 100% natural product that is completely dependent on nature. The Netherlands, Belgium and France are the best areas to grow flax due to the perfect maritime climate. That is also the reason that 85% of all flax in the world (!) comes from this region. Isn’t this amazing?


I decided to dig deeper into the process. I had contact with several factories that produce linen in Europe, but since I wanted to go for the most sustainable option, I chose Lithuania. This is because this is the shortest possible transport route that is possible for linen. I called them up, asked if I could come over and surprisingly I got a yes. They normally don’t do this – especially with start-ups like me – but they were so captivated by my story that they wanted to be part of this. I was told everything about the process for 2 days. This was again so fascinating.


In my 'previous life' before starting Narzuta, I worked as a freelance producer for several TV programs. For example, I have produced Geer&Goor (famous Dutch TV show) all seasons. I did this with great pleasure, but the question kept coming up what I would do next. Somehow this was familiar, I had built up my network and in that sense it was easy for me.


In early 2020, I decided to take more time to think about what I really wanted to do. I still worked 2 to 3 days a week and the rest I spent on self-development, meditations and visualizations. The fact that a few months later the well-known virus accelerated this whole process was, in retrospect, a nice side effect because I had to think and decide now. All jobs were canceled in one go, so I suddenly had full-time time to think.


And yes, then I have seen everything about the linen process with my own eyes and started my webshop in November 2020. Very exciting. Totally new in the textile industry. New to this kind of entrepreneurship and a mega dive into the deep, but I want to tell my story. This linen story is so fantastic. This is where my love for nature and animals comes together. Gone are the days when I thought that love for nature and animals was just crazy! I want to shout it from the rooftops. Nature has so much beauty to offer. Especially in these times when sustainability plays an increasingly important role, it is even more valuable to develop a product that is 100% inspired by and with nature.


Narzuta ~ Marvel at the magic of nature

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